Shower walls

Raw material

TDA uses tempered glass for shower enclosures, complying with RN14428:2015 quality standards. Tempering is a chemical-physical process consisting in heating glass up to 600°C and then quickly cooling it. This locks the glass in state of compression on surface and tension in the inner part. After this treatment, the glass cannot be cut, drilled or grinded. Moreover, tempered glass is seen as safe material due to the fact that, in case of crash, it goes into small and sharpless parts.

EC test

All TDA products are sumbmitted to strict quality controls. Shower cabins meet the European std EN14428:2015 and marked CE. The DOP (Declaration of Performance) in different languages can be downloaded from our website


In order to keep glass clean and bright, TDA offers Neverdrop® Kit, an anti-scaling wet wipe which prevents water from drying on the glass surface, thus facilitating cleaning. NEVERDROP® is not a permanent treatment. That’s why TDA suggests to refresh it from time to time, using the Neverdrop® Kit.


Bathrooms are becoming more and more important in modern houses, and this trend makes the choice of a shower enclosure a very important argument. The aesthetic side of our proposals stands out for the wide range of colours and glass and the original design of the extruded aluminium profiles. A mix of design and technical features for easy installations and use.

The dimensions of the finished shower space, no matter if equipped with a shower tray or not, must ve verified and confirmed after tiling is over; in fact, even small changes in the final dimensions may sometimes cause technical difficulties. For a correct measurement of a niche, for example, the exact dimension must be verified in three points following its height: at ground level, at 90 cm and at about 180 cm., while a corner installation must focus on the dimensions of the edaptable flat surface surrounding the exact shower space. All particular and/or special situations must be reported.

In a bathroom there is a maximum concentration of structural and technical problems, this means that its equipment becomes a very complex procedure. A long experience in the sector and a keen attention to details have made TDA a leader of customized solutions. Our technical staff in constant coordination with our sales departments creates taylor-made products that integrate the wide offer of our catalogue. Rotation joint-profiles, conique profiles, special extension and fixation profiles are only some of the special solutions available both for private users and hotellerie.

Our constant attention for the different demands and necessities coming from the market, (expecially from elderly people and people with disabilities) has created a line of products mixing efficacy of usage and aesthetical appeal. TDA offers nine models matching the difficulties of these installations without forgetting the budget limits that may occur.


Every product by TDA always includes the necessary components to install and fix the shower enclosure. The fixation kit contains proper instructions and guidelines that must be carefully read before starting with the installation. In case of special situations (for ex. pasterboards, fold-away doors etc.), we recommend the usage of dedicated and proper fixings, our technical service will be glad to be at full disposal to advise and propose the most adaptable shower solutions.

TDA's shower enclosures can be easily installed after a careful reading the fixing instructions, however, in some particular cases the presence of two operators becomes essential because of the heavy weight of some very large glass panels. We obviously advise to put in charge professional installers.

A good silicone sealing must be applied where indicated on the corresponding installation notice, this operation will grant a perfect watewr tightness. In case of particular or irregular tile coverings or in case of marked gaps between the single tiles, the silicon sealing string must fill all possible inperfections. We advise the usage of a crystalline anti-mould silicone to be applied with the proper nozzle, and then proceed in smoothing it with a wet instrument. The sealing must remain untouched for at lest 24 ours.

The walls in a house normally show iregularities and false perpendicularities, expecially in case of tiled walls. All our products have a proper wall adjustment that finds an immediate solution to this common problem. In case of extreme situations (extreme irregularities); our catalogue contains special conic profiles that remove the obstacle. If the shower tray is not exactly straight ( not at 90° with the walls) after its installation, better to choose a framed shower enclosure. In fact this choice allows the possibility to shim the lower horizantal profiles in order to correct and straighten the installation surface.

All assembly instructions are contained in the fixing kit included in the packaging containing the shower enclosure. A careful respect of the assembly sequence can grant a professional installation. In case the instructions get lost, it is possible to download a copy directly from this web site.


The best remedy to get rid of limestone accumulations on the glass panes is the installation of a water-softener directly attached to the general water connections present in the house. If not possible, TDA's Neverdrop Treatment can be purchased as an option; this glass treatment cuts down the accumulation of limestone remainings, but also a frequent application of water and warm white vinegar can drastically reduce the phenomenon.

Neverdrop is the anti-scale glass treatment that allows to have clean and transparent glass enclosures without the assiduity of a constant cleaning maintenance. Drops do not cling to the glass surface and flows downwards back into the shower tray. The duration of the effect depends on the frequency of the usage and on the chemical composition of water in a certain environment and climate (hard/soft water).


All our products have a guarantee of 24 months starting from the date of the corresponding commercial invoice, excluding impact damages and/or accidents during transport, handling, and installation

Starting from the first of September 2007 all shower enclosures and shower cabins sold on European Territory must carry the CE mark to fulfil the requirements contained in the regulation EN 14428. This regulation includes severe controls to grant safety and functionality.

The customers' service finds a solution for the problems that might emerge after the delivery of the shower enclosure. Our several service centres distributed on the national territory grant tachnical assistance and installation services, as well as special maintenance procedures.

In these web pages you can find all technical drawings (and exploded views) of each single product in order to identify the corresponding reference code. You can contact a zone retailer to order the matching piece for a quick delivery.