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  • PON Enterprises and Competitiveness 2014-2020/EU React Initiative
  • Sustainable Investment 4.0
  • This project involves investment and implementation of die-cutting machine interconnected to the company infrastructure.
  • Good funded as part of the union's response to the covid-19 pandemic

Thanks to the European Regional Development Fund TDA managed to introduce a new highly-automated, optimized and digitized shower wall packaging line.

A major project that intends to follow the line of technological progress, in which the company firmly believes. Given the market needs, the inclusion of the machine made it possible to complete the packaging range with larger box models. Vertical and horizontal integration within the company using the factory computer system automatically integrates with the logistics system, going to optimally meet production dynamics and those of product traceability.

This major upgrade is aimed at improving TDA's entire logistics environment. Many improvements have been achieved since the introduction of this new die-cutting machine: space and warehouse optimization; improved energy saving and error reduction; and improved working conditions by lowering the load factor to operators.

Technological development has always been a fascinating subject at TDA, and being able to achieve it in a sustainable way is a top priority.