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TDA is incredibly specially extremely Dynamic and versatile for every need.

For thirty years we have been in the business of designing products that combine functionality with innovative design. Our work is based on technological as well as esthetical research aimed at a single goal: to ensure highest level of customer satisfaction.

Our Work

Our Services

Customer Support

our customer service is followed by highly skilled professionals ready to solve all sorts of technical issues. 


our technical solutions are the result of 30 years of studies and testing. They fit into different indoor environments and allow for a wide range of customization options.


we know how to interpret new design trends, without ever compromising quality.

Wide Choice

we meet our customers’ need by offering an extensive range of bathroom furniture solutions that are always up to date on the latest trend.

Fast Delivery

we deliver our products across Europe as fast as possible. 

Quality Control

the entire production process is controlled in detail to ensure highest technical quality and compliance with current regulations.

and so on

we offer high-tech solutions in keeping with the budget and requests of our customers.
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